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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Popit different to yellow-bin recycling? Popit lets you take control of your plastic waste by giving you the tools, the incentives and the data to maximise its value and reuse. Yellow-bin recycling on the other hand, cannot be tracked. And according to Craig Reucassel’s ‘War on Waste’, we know that less than 10% of plastics that go through the yellow bin system gets recycled.

​What happens to the plastic flake? The flake is sold to one of our reprocessing partners, who complete the next step in the recycling process before on-selling it to one of 600 recycled plastic product manufacturers around Australia to make everything from furniture, to food containers, to fashion and more.

Will Popit disrupt my existing waste management arrangement? No, Popit operates seamlessly alongside existing waste management setups, so there's no disruption to operations or contracts — just less plastic filling up your commingled recycling bins!

What are the specifications of the product? W70 x H140 x D120. DIMENSIONS (CM) 3-PHASE  POWER 10-20 kg/kWh. POWER USAGE HDPE, NATURAL, FOOD-GRADE PLASTIC ONLY

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out

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