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Popit Recycle machine
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Save costs and increase revenue

Popit turns recycling from a business expense to a revenue generator. By instantly processing milk bottles into clean plastic flake, your plastic can be collected at low cost and sold to the highest quality ‘food-grade’ packaging manufacturers. The profits generated are shared with you so that everybody has an incentive to recycle more plastic. The more you recycle with Popit, the more you save and earn.

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Help save the environment

Popit helps businesses reduce plastic landfill and CO2 impacts. By separating your milk bottles as you dispose of them, Popit cuts out the impossible task of sorting commingled recycling, where so much plastic is otherwise lost to landfill. That means a lot more recycling, a lot less waste and a lot less CO2 from making new plastic.

Strengthen your ESG performance

Popit helps businesses to demonstrate their impact. By tracking your recycling from collection right through to the manufacture of new goods, Popit gives you all the data you need to verify your recycling performance. You get full traceability for ESG reporting when you recycle with Popit.

Recycle Better with Popit,
it's better for business 

Add value to your customers

With Popit you can help your customers Recycle Better too. By recycling your customers' milk bottles for them, you can earn money for yourself, save your customers money on their waste costs, and you’ll also be saving more plastic from landfill. Popit’s reporting enables you to share the good news recycling story with your customers, on top of the money you’ve saved them.

Differentiate your offer from your competitors

With Popit you can stand out from the competition. By having a recycling program that has clear and measurable impact with Popit, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. You can use this as strong evidence and a compelling reason for prospective customers to consider and select your services ahead of your competitors.

Support your community through sponsorship

Sponsor a Popit machine and implement the Recycle Better program at a school or community group of your choice. By helping schools and community groups to buy Popit, you are providing them with a platform for better recycling awareness, education and fundraising through the sale of recycled plastic. Sponsors are offered the choice to co-brand the promotion of the Recycle Better program at the school or community group that they have sponsored.

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How much impact can
Popit make?

Cafe chain

A cafe chain with 50 locations serves up over 2.5 million litres of milk in coffees each year.  That’s 1.25 million milk bottles to Recycle Better with Popit.

  • 63 tonnes of traceable plastic recycling

  • 106 tonnes of C02 avoided, the equivalent of planting 4,700 trees

  • $82,000 in recycling cost savings + new income

Commercial cleaner example

A commercial cleaner with a major facility contract empties the bins of 25 food and beverage businesses in the facility, who collectively serve up 1 million litres of milk in coffees each year.  That’s 500,000 milk bottles to Recycle Better with Popit.

  • 25 tonnes of traceable plastic recycling

  • 43 tonnes of CO2 avoided, the equivalent of planting 1,900 trees

  • $33,000 in collective recycling cost savings.

Milk supplier

A milk supplier delivers 4 million litres to cafes & restaurants each year, and collects around 40% of empty bottles.  That’s 800,000 milk bottles to Recycle Better with Popit.

  • 40 tonnes of traceable plastic recycling

  • 68 tonnes of CO2 avoided, the equivalent of planting 3,000 trees

  • $50,000 in collective recycling cost savings.


So how does Popit work
for businesses?

Simply choose your plan.

Hassle-free, no cost

Let the Popit team come on site and look after the whole process at no cost to you (minimum recycling volume applies)


DIY and earn

You buy Popit and earn money for processing milk bottles yourself.

Then Recycle Better in 3 easy steps.


Feed Popit
your milk bottles

Either your team or ours feeds your used milk bottles into Popit.


Out comes clean, 100% recyclable plastic flake.


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We collect

the plastic flake

We pick up the plastic flake from you and deliver it directly to local recyclers.

And if you DIY, we’ll pay you for it.


You get
full visibility

We tell you where, when and what your plastic has been recycled into.

And how much money and landfill you've saved.

Calculate your benefit


Get your personalised assessment

Book an appointment so we can provide you with a personalised assessment
of the benefits of Recycle Better with Popit for your business.

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